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Working with gamespipe, advertisers will know you belong to the best. We made it our goal to only add marketing professionals to our network, who are personally referred to us and selected in an ambitious process. This gains us trust and for you it means exclusive access to the most profitable campaigns with the highest pay-outs.

You are always in control of what is happening: We provide you with our high-end real-time tracking software that shows the status of your campaign at every level. Updates can be sent to your mobile phone that we equip with applications for iOS and Android. Monitor and manage your campaigns on the go!

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V.I.P. Network

At gamespipe you are part of a private circle of hand-selected marketing professionals

Exclusive Offers

You monetize your traffic by accessing profitable campaigns that generate the highest pay-outs

An Eye on the Price

With our iOS and Android applications for real-time tracking you can watch your money grow as you go

Account Management Experts

Our staff is highly experienced and best equipped to follow up on your needs and questions

Always on Call

Get the help you need when you need it. Our customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year

Go with the Flow

Choose your own payment plan and have your pay-outs weekly or bi-weekly. Your wish is our command

Easy Money

You can also choose the way you want to get paid. We offer bank transfer or immediate payment via Payoneer

Worth every Penny

It doesn’t matter how much you earned. If it is your wish, we pay you out down to the dollar


Display your ads where they count the most

How can you know that your online and mobile games will be clicked on, causing the results you are in for? You place them on gamespipe-approved publisher websites. We make sure that only those with the most traffic and responsive consumers are in our partner program, such as media buying experts, search engine marketers and e-mail marketing professionals. Traffic is generated through different channels: it may come from RTB, an active network, social media like Facebook or Twitter, search engines, via display ads (in App and mobile web) or videos.

Thus we can send the largest volume and best quality leads your way and ensure the highest possible ROI for your campaigns. You can also choose out of a variety of billing models such as CPL (cost per lead), CPD (cost per download), CPI (cost per install) and CPP (cost per player).

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Our partners

Our network consists of a diversity of companies and industries. We are proud to work with all of them: be it start-up or well established business. We find each other mostly by referral, knowing that quality, trust and profitability was already demonstrated on both sides. We are all connected by our passion for the internet, as it offers huge digital spaces and thus being the leading marketing medium.

Our Team

At gamespipe we all play on the same side. Our different fields of expertise represented by a variety of young and motivated colleagues are combined to one heterogeneous workforce with one goal: increasing our Advertisers’ ROI and our Publishers’ gains

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